Our Core Services

Our Core Services

BlueLeaf Advisors (BlueLeaf) is a spiritual* consulting company, that provides personal and business development advice to individuals, small companies, and working groups. The company emphasizes advising in the development and promotion of community economic development (CED) and sustainability initiatives and solutions in underserved communities with encumbered resources. This includes working with businesses and entrepreneurs, institutions and agencies, non-profits, and other working groups.

Our Philosophy

BlueLeaf focuses on ideas, activities, and projects that:

  • Promote and demonstrate improvements in the quality of life ofindividuals and their families; life styles that reduce stress and enhanceshealth.

  • Promotes research, encourages asset-ownership, and advance creative ways of generating revenue and financing,**

  • Recognize the need for balance and interdependence within our ecosystems; and

  • Enhance our collective abilities to survive challenges where we live and to maintain resiliency;

  • Enhance the awareness and identification of relevant global resources for local development

  • Promote new products and services and/or new ways to improve on existing ones
    The development and maintenance of sustainable local economies and their resiliency can be excitingly augmented through discovery, and technology. BlueLeaf therefore, also looks to support and promote solutions, projects and endeavors that also cultivate and include sustainable novelty, genius, and invention.

Consultation Services:

At its core, BlueLeaf Advisors loves collaborative synergetic engagement of individuals, organizations, and working groups. BlueLeaf’s advisory services includes:

  • The formation of plans, business strategies, and tactics;

  • The formation and development of ideas from concept to implementation;

  • Business operations and internal systems

  • Executive Personal Advisory

BlueLeaf is not a financial company. However, it clearly recognizes the ideas, businesses, community economic development and sustainable solutions it presents, no matter how novel or innovative need financing! BlueLeaf has a growing number of financial associates and strategic partners that it works closely with to helping in this endeavor.